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Marble: Six Sentence Story

Janice took some deep breaths and spread her arms out to the sky. “I can do it” she muttered under her breath although her fear of flying was freezing her as hard and turning her as white as marble. One … Continue reading

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Not a Snake in the Grass

What do you do when faced with a dilemma? Sometimes it is not as clear cut as you initially think. My first thought when seeing this snake in the roof was to let the owners know that they had an … Continue reading

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Running with Baby

Noosa is a place where there is a high percentage of the population keen on keeping fit. No doubt the gyms are fully utilised but many like to be seen doing their fitness activities. We have gangs of bicycles on … Continue reading

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Fear is the most destructive of human emotions, in my opinion. It can be fear on a purely personal level or fear held by the masses and played on by politicians and the media for their own ends. This fear of … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers: The Premonition

“I haven’t slept in years.” “Why’s that, do you think?” The therapist sucked his pencil thoughtfully. “As soon as I try to sleep I have visions of dying. Even as a child. I’d shut my eyes and I’d see my … Continue reading

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99 Word Flash Fiction: Something worse than death.

This week Charli has given us a prompt where we show fear and a fate worse than death. She says  October 1, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) show a character confronting something worse than death. It … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Emotions: Queasy

Queasy in itself is not an emotion but it is how I feel when I haven’t done anything wrong (or perhaps I have) and I am summonsed to appear before an authoritarian type of figure. This in my younger days … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Emotions: Fear

Finding the right property in the country was proving difficult. This place sounded idyllic. It boasted a creek, populated with platypus, meandering through the property. On reaching Kempsey we headed west following the Macleay River. We dreamed of picnicking by … Continue reading

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