New Horizon: Weekly Photo Challenge


© irene waters 2016

Early in the year I am going to be ant busy


© irene waters 2016

To the extent that I will isolate myself, put myself out in the cold


© irene waters 2016

But I will have success before the year is out. These are my new horizons for the coming year.

in response to WP weekly photo prompt

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Skywatch Friday 9th December 2016 Noosaville 6.07pm


© irene waters 2016

As part of Skywatch Friday

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Happy Pansies: Floral Friday


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016

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Rock, Paper Scissors: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016

“Mine, said the stone,
mine is the hour.
I crush the scissors,
such is my power.
Stronger than wishes,
my power, alone.

Mine, said the paper,
mine are the words
that smother the stone
with imagined birds,
reams of them, flown
from the mind of the shaper.

Mine, said the scissors,
mine all the knives
gashing through paper’s
ethereal lives;
nothing’s so proper
as tattering wishes.

As stone crushes scissors,
as paper snuffs stone
and scissors cut paper,
all end alone.
So heap up your paper
and scissor your wishes
and uproot the stone
from the top of the hill.
They all end alone
as you will, you will.”
David Mason

In response to Cee’s Fun foto Challenge

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Parked: Wordless Wednesday


© irene waters 2016

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The book of rules: 99 word flash fiction

“Don’t do ..”

“You’ve got your rule book out. Every day it gets longer. Can’t do cause its Monday, don’t do cause there’s an R in the month, don’t do, don’t do.” She could hear the angry frustration in his voice.

“No, it’s danger…” 

“I don’t care. We’re doing it. I’m sick of you. Always negative.” He stacked the wood inside the deconstructed bookcase.  Lifting the timber to edge the trolley under it the loose timber fell forward. He watched the skin peel off her leg as easily as she  removed her stockings.

“See, I told you it was dangerous.”

In response to Charli’s prompt for this week where she asks:

December 2, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about something or someone not allowed. Maybe it’s about gender, race or other intolerance. Maybe it’s the cat who paws at the door, but not allowed inside. Maybe it’s a trail where dogs are not allowed. Go light, go dark, go where the prompt leads you.

Respond by December 6, 2016 to be included in the compilation (published December 7). Rules are here. All writers are welcome!

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Odds and Sods: Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016

In response to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge where you are invited to put photos that don’t fit anywhere else.

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