Seeing Red: 99 word Flash Fiction

“Shut those dogs up.”

“Yes” I was already out the door. “Hannibal! Lector! Come!” I walked towards the frenzied barking. Hearing ‘ Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaak Bwak Bwak Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.’ I ran.

I saw red.  Blood. Feathers. Anger. Talons. Inside the coop, wings wide it swooped, talons first. I screamed to scare. For help. Picking up a length of poly pipe I swiped. Now it was the hunted. I raised my pipe to hit again and again.

Suddenly I saw myself.  My reaction to terror the same as that I decried in my country. My role now – Peace: protect the chickens, love the hawk.

In response to Charli from the Carrot Ranch and her prompt for this weeks 99 word flash fiction where she asks:

October 19, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a raptor. Let your imagination take wing, or dive into natural science. Tell a story about flight, talons or tail-feathers. Create a myth or share a BOTS (based on a true story). Set the raptor in a spectacular place or focus on bird itself. And for clarification, raptors are eagles, hawks, falcons and owls.

Respond by October 25, 2016 to be included in the compilation. Rules are here. All writers are welcome!

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Exploring: Silent Sunday


© irene waters 2016

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Weekend Coffee Share 22nd October 2016


Welcome. Come on in and have a cup of your preferred beverage. Tea – herbal or leaf, coffee or perhaps hot chocolate or a cool drink. The choice is yours.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I am feeling much better. I have had a lovely relaxing week reading, visiting friends, going to my art appreciation course, hair cut, shoe purchase, taking my Mum out and about and generally chilling. Of course we also watched the American Presidential Debate and will be watching holding my breath as the American people vote. The end of next week our house sale becomes unconditional and then I will start to pack in earnest but for now recovering my equilibrium.


© irene waters 2016

visiting my friend in the hinterland


© irene waters 2016

fish and chips with my Mum and Roger

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I have been very worried about my left foot. It has always been much more swollen than the right but suddenly the pain in it became more than severe. I compared it with my friend who had her surgery a few days after mine.


© irene waters 2016

a few weeks post op

I was pleased that she said her pain was severe. She was needing to take pain killers which I have not done. The next day though the suture line on the right began bleeding so I went to the local doctor. The last thing I wanted was osteomyelitis (bone infection). After taking the antibiotics he ordered for a day and a half suddenly the left foot began to improve. The swelling is going down rapidly and the pain has virtually gone. I think I must have had an infection in it judging by the response. Anyway, I’m happy I think my feet are going to be great and am already thinking of dancing as soon as my next x-ray confirms my bones are up to it.

If we were having coffee I’d ask if you have read any good books. I have finished the ‘Gustav Sonata’ by Rose Tremain. I would highly recommend it. This is a book about neutrality where she adeptly shows that there is no such thing. She describes Switzerland perfectly and the flaws in both society and individuals. She allows you to draw your own conclusions. I am now reading a book by Louise Erdrich called Larose. Erdrich has been described as one of the most innovative writers in America at this time. She mingles Native American, white culture and myth and it has captured me with the story of Landreux who shoots his neighbours five year old son. To make amends they give the neighbour their own son and the story goes on from there. This used to happen in Vanuatu only with girls and I am finding it is fascinating to read of similar customs of the native American tribes.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you the relief I felt at the end of reading this message from a friend on facebook. “I’m at the emergency room. Today was not a good day. I decided to go horseback riding – something I haven’t done in a few years. It turned out to be a big mistake! I got on the horse and started out slow, but then we went a little faster before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn’t take the pace and fell off, but caught my foot in the stirrup with the horse dragging me. It wouldn’t stop. Thank goodness the manager at Toys-R-Us came out and unplugged the machine.” It is always good to have a really good laugh.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you it is your turn to tell me how your week has been, what films you have seen and how you are travelling. Thanks for popping in and catching up. Hopefully I will make it to you to have a return coffee.

Thanks Diana for hosting the coffee share.

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Early morning Shine: Weekly Photo Challenge


© irene waters 2016

Inside and outside the blinding sun distorts, obliterates and shines


© irene waters 2016

creating rainbows of colour


© irene waters 2016

creating little lights that are only visible from one angle only


© irene waters 2016

changing the colour of cloth


© irene waters 2016

and allowing shadows to form.


© irene waters 2016

Again it fools that a light is on


© irene waters 2016

and when an artificial light is on


© irene waters 2016

similar effects are created


© irene waters 2016

with brightening and distorting


© irene waters 2016

creating flaws


© irene waters 2016

and obliterating detail

but who would want to be without the sun.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge

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Skywatch Friday 21st October 2016 Noosaville 4.15pm


© irene waters 2016

In response to Skywatch Friday

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Simple daisies: Floral Friday


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016

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The Homeless: Weekly Discover Challenge

In response to this video and being very aware of the homeless problem in Sydney  I wrote this poem. I have published it before but it seemed to fit this challenge set by the Weekly Discover challenge team where they ask us to do something different such as add photos, or words. These I do normally and it is not uncommon either that I post a video. However, to graphically display the words is not something that I often do. The V at the end of the poem is for victory at the renewal that occurs as a result of Veronika’s work.



On knees

head on ground

Proud supplicants

Abandoned by the state

Shunned by those who used to care

Once, they were sons and daughters, mothers and fathers

Days end, these sons and daughters, mothers and fathers

Head home to their tiny public cardboard rooms

Public verandahs protect from rain 

grimy, slimy sleeping bags

Possessions few

Chinese bags



A homeless girl                                                             Giving renewal

  A scholarship she won                                           Empowering homeless

              Yet still she knows                                   She trains

                               Cold kills                               She employs

                          Coats needed                        is not a fix.

                                 S0 she sews               this bandaid

                                                  Yet she knows

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