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Tuvalu Thoughts: Friday Fictioneers

The line is cast No longer can the hook be seen Through water murky – rust, oil and other waste mingle Fish bites The line reels in Fish gasps black sludge drips drip…. drip from open sores leaking black, rotting … Continue reading

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Textured turtle: Tuesdays of Texture

Hides in grass dressed as grass A home and garden in one camouflage A commensal relationship He doesn’t care He’s happy letting his garden grow in the sun

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Oysters and Old Rope: Tuesday’s of Texture

  Oysters razor sharp washed by water soft and warm The rope it hangs smooth with slime rots.

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Sunrise/Sunset: Weekly Photo Challenge

Dawn breaks softly Awakening from Sleep The setting sun is not so quietly gone Fiery, golds and pinks Did it have a bad day? No.  Just leaving memories  that aren’t so quickly gone.   In response to Weekly Photo Challenge … Continue reading

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Life on the Web: Tuesday’s of Texture

Fine gossamer strands Curtain, billow in the breeze Death trap: Sticky home  There is a huge spider’s web in all the photos. Can you see it?

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Fungi: Tuesdays of Texture

Cherry Red smooth heads poking  Rough bark hosting. Salmon pink Striated gills Shine with light Looking down on cherry red whilst upwards image captures that beneath leaves so green and smooth What has the greatest beauty cherry red, grey bark … Continue reading

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Saving Water: Tuesday’s of Texture

Smooth bark Still water Idyllic calm Multiple textures Fascinated by the droplets curtaining the space between canoe and hard cement Can you call this saving water  as the sign has begged you to.      

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