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Gothic Windows: Thursday’s Special

In response to Paula’s prompt windows for Thursday’s Special

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Starting with Ap: Cee’s Fun foto Challenge

  Like an ape we like to climb To the apex for the view from the top is always spectacular For the climb we must be prepared. An apple  – no two one for the appetite and the other to … Continue reading

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Under the Big Top: Wordless Wednesday

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Ripe for Picking: 99 Word flash Fiction

“I said bring your bog boots.” “Should’ve told me I’d need clothes for the Arctic as well. I may have listened to you then.” “It’s summer. Not that cold. Don’t be a wuss.” “It’s not the cold that’s getting me. … Continue reading

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Noosa National Park: Tuesdays of Texture

Rocks, Coarse and graniny Others weathered smooth Vegetation softens Delights.  

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August 14th: All Seasons

By the middle of August we are well and truly getting ready for summer. A pool for swimming and cooling off perhaps. The wattle is blooming. The paperbarks not quite ready to shed their winter skins. In response to All … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share 13th August 2017

Welcome.  Come on in – Coffee, tea? Herbal? Cold drink perhaps. I have nuts and dried apricots if you want something to eat. Yes, you’ve guessed it. I’m back on a modified paleo diet. I lost too much weight last … Continue reading

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