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Selfish to the end: 99 Word Flash Fiction

Seeing the steep drops close to the edge of the winding road my body tensed and my heart started to thump as though I’d just run a marathon. The now snake-like dirt road , punctuated with tight hairpin bends that … Continue reading

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“The Inaugural Meeting of Fairvale Ladies Book Club” – A Book Review and just a tad of jealousy

A long time friend gave me The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Bookclub  by Sophie Green for my birthday with a little trepidation. She knows I read a lot and was worried it may not have been a book … Continue reading

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Learning to Write: Times Past

Following a fiction piece I did for Charli over at Carrot Ranch with the prompt ‘blot’ my piece mentioned a copybook. I was surprised by the number of people who had not heard of a copy book. I asked my … Continue reading

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Where Do I start: Three Line Tales, Week 88

Where do I start? With the murder or before I met her?  Chronologically or a non-linear narrative? Why am I writing this tragic tale? For redemption or confession:  perhaps for my own healing. They say allow time to pass before … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap: Weekly Discover Challenge

Until I launched into my university career in recent years the only gap I minded was the one on the London Tube. Although my last tube travel was in 1993 I can still hear with clarity the voice booming from … Continue reading

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Guilt: Friday Fictioneers

Imploring. Beseeching. Would the image of those children’s eyes, the colour of the wet rocks ever leave me? Those rocks were the only reminder now the sea was calm. It held none of the menace of that day. The small … Continue reading

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Learning: Weekly Discover Challenge

There probably comes a time in everybody’s life when the realisation that they are getting older suddenly hits home. Concerns about the development of altzheimers becomes real and perusing the current information available becomes more pertinent. This happened for me … Continue reading

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Infallible memories?: Memoir Monday on Tuesday

Last week I touched on how we make experience and why each person’s experience will differ from those others that have the same experience. This led inevitably to truth in life-writing and the frauds that have been perpetrated by a … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share: 22nd May 2016

Welcome and come in. Feel like coffee or tea? I’ve got both so take your pick and have a seat. In the sun or in the shade? Normally at this time of the year we would be following the sun … Continue reading

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Leaving: 99 Word Flash Fiction

“You’ve changed. I’m sick of it. I want you to go.” He spat the words at her before storming from the room. He’s right, Bee thought. I have changed. Once I had butterflies in my stomach, fireflies in my eyes … Continue reading

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