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Carpet Making in Egypt: Tuesdays of Texture

On our first day in Egypt we visited a carpet making school that was close to the pyramids at Saqqara. We were told that education is compulsory in Egypt up to the end of primary school level. In agricultural areas, … Continue reading

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Port call in Papua New Guinea: FFFAW

The passengers from the cruise ship stepped onto land to be greeted with a cacophony of sounds. Tribal drumming from one quarter, taxi drivers spruiking in another and the other quarters, two schools competing for attention, the begging bowl in … Continue reading

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Learning to Write: Times Past

Following a fiction piece I did for Charli over at Carrot Ranch with the prompt ‘blot’ my piece mentioned a copybook. I was surprised by the number of people who had not heard of a copy book. I asked my … Continue reading

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I repeated Kindergarten three times.

I commenced school very early in life. At three my parents enrolled me at Tamworth Church of England Girls’ School in Kindergarten. As my mother was getting bored at home and because the school required a latin teacher for their higher … Continue reading

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