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Weekend Coffee Post 22nd December 2018

Great to see you. Come on in and have a cup of coffee or tea if you’d prefer. We have cold drinks also. We had a thunderstorm last night at 3.30am that I thought would wake the dead. It didn’t … Continue reading

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A Productive New Year for Writers: 2019

Originally posted on Carrot Ranch Literary Community:
Ho-ho-ho, or rather ha-ha-ha. 2018 seems to be getting the last laugh at me, but I’m punching back. I didn’t fall off the ends of the earth, but I did take a nasty…

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Too Late: Friday Fictioneers

The young boy lived up the road.  Whenever I saw him he seemed to droop, never looking at you, his brow a field of ridges and furrows and his shoulders sagged. He never smiled and the most response from him … Continue reading

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Recycled: Thursday’s Special

The decorations made out of plastic milk bottles and are beautiful but Paula’s prompt Recycled could not have come at a more topical time for Australia. Our waste collection is under threat of stopping altogether as it has become unprofitable … Continue reading

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Rabaul’s Virgin Coconut Oil Industry: Tuesday’s of Texture

Rabaul was virtually wiped out by the twin eruptions of volcanos Tavurvur and Vulcan in 1994. The town was moved to Kokopo which is now the provincial capital of New Britain – a safe distance from any further volcanic activity. … Continue reading

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Saving Water: Tuesday’s of Texture

Smooth bark Still water Idyllic calm Multiple textures Fascinated by the droplets curtaining the space between canoe and hard cement Can you call this saving water  as the sign has begged you to.      

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The Race that stops the Nation

Since the first race was held in 1861 the Melbourne Cup has been the single event that manages to stop the Nation from working. Productivity for that one hour in the lead up to the race drops as offices hold … Continue reading

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