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Know Your Name : Know Your Brand

As we all know, Name and its associated branding is crucial to the success of the company. This is whether we are multinational corporations, a local business or a writer or blogger. Our brand is important. Not only do we … Continue reading

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Saving Water: Tuesday’s of Texture

Smooth bark Still water Idyllic calm Multiple textures Fascinated by the droplets curtaining the space between canoe and hard cement Can you call this saving water  as the sign has begged you to.      

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Stranger Danger

Is it possible to look at strangers in any light other than a danger. From the time I was knee high to a grass hopper I was warned about the dangers of talking to strangers. As an introvert I am … Continue reading

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Is it the Story or the Writing?: Book Review

I have not been reading much the last few weeks. Time has been conspiring against me and other pursuits have won. I have however read three very different books and it has returned me to a question that I often … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries of Various Types

What is  a boundary other than a barrier to passing. These boundaries are set in many different ways and forms. Natural physical boundaries are obvious. In Greenland the icy water certainly discouraged any but the foolhardy from leaving the land. … Continue reading

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