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I want to Scream

For the first time in my life I relate to the Edvard Munch painting ” The Scream.” I wonder what was happening in his life at the time. Did he want to scream or did he just have enough empathy … Continue reading

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Time Stopped and then it stopped for Everyone

Have you ever stopped doing something and then found it hard to restart?  Time stopped for me in 2019 and getting going again has proved harder than I imagined. My last post at the beginning of June 2019 was not … Continue reading

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Driving: Times Past

Transport has become an increasingly important part of our lives. When my Great Grandfather came to Australia his mode of transport was a pony and cart. Holidays a long way from home simply didn’t happen. The car made a world … Continue reading

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Waiting: Weekly Photo Challenge

According to my husband, half his life is wasted waiting. Waiting for me is his biggest bugbear, waiting in airports is not so bad as his other bugbear – waiting in traffic. Half my life is spent at traffic lights … Continue reading

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More than a little talent or perhaps just a proud aunt.

  At six years old I thought my nephew had talent. He seemed to have an eye for detail. His drawing of the mangroves was true to scene with areas of mangrove separated by deeper water. Although it could be … Continue reading

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An Inspiring Night: Sydney University Alumni Awards

I had the pleasure of accompanying my mother to Sydney to attend the Sydney University Alumni awards in order to receive on behalf of my brother the inaugural President’s Award. Two very proud women set off early (because the older … Continue reading

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Origins: Weekly Discover

What came first? The chicken or the egg? This philosophical question has been pondered by young children and adults alike and is often the first debate we enter when it comes to querying our origins. Everything we see, touch, smell, … Continue reading

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Admiration: Weekly Photo Challenge

My Dad is a person I have admired from before the time I first knew him. My Dad had a wonderful sense of humour. His childhood and university days were full of harmless pranks and the nicest sound I can … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share: 27th February 2016

Welcome to a warm, windy Noosaville morning. Our normal coffee stop is closed for the day so we were forced to drink elsewhere but now coffee is ready for serving at our house if you care to drop in. You’ll … Continue reading

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Rebellion: 99 Word Flash Fiction

“Nancy, clean your room.” “No!” “Nancy, I said clean your room. The cleaner’s coming.” “Well let her clean.”  “Nancy, go and do your homework.” “No!” “Nancy will you please go and wipe up the dishes.” “No!” “Nancy will you go … Continue reading

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