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From Me to You: Silent Sunday

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Carcasses: Cause Y’s a crooked letter and z’s no better.

Most of us don’t see that many carcasses apart from the odd bird, rat or toad and along the side of the road as roadkill. Normally we don’t give them a lot of thought. I had thought about carcasses when … Continue reading

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Recycled: Thursday’s Special

The decorations made out of plastic milk bottles and are beautiful but Paula’s prompt Recycled could not have come at a more topical time for Australia. Our waste collection is under threat of stopping altogether as it has become unprofitable … Continue reading

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Women: Friday Fictioneers

Arriving at the art gallery early, they wandered unimpeded around the installation without having to dodge the crowd the exhibit would attract. “What do you think he’s trying to portray, Geoff?” “You mean you can’t see it?” Gloria squinted at … Continue reading

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Pinaree Sanpitak: Tuesdays of Texture

The textures of sea fibre, rattan rings and jute twine give this work by Pinaree Sanpitak multiple different textures especially in their placement against solid painted wall and tile floor. This to my mind adds a dimension to the artwork … Continue reading

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Structure: Weekly Photo Challenge

Animate or inanimate In common they have a skeleton a framework A structure. The delicate flower, an intricate web, Veins on the leaves, and bark being shed all elements essential  or a trees not a tree,  nor a flower a … Continue reading

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More than a little talent or perhaps just a proud aunt.

  At six years old I thought my nephew had talent. He seemed to have an eye for detail. His drawing of the mangroves was true to scene with areas of mangrove separated by deeper water. Although it could be … Continue reading

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