Nightmare in Paradise (chiefs, withchdoctors, volcanos and us)

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For newlyweds, Roger and Irene, life was full of promise as they embarked on their new life together, business partners with the paramount Chief of an exotic and remote island in the Pacific in the running of a small resort and associated tour business.

The island, Tanna, Vanuatu, retained its traditional lifestyle and that, along with the active volcano and cargo cult, drew people from around the world. The eagerly anticipated romance associated with this simple life was soon dispelled as their time was spent being the interface between sophisticated guests and the witchdoctors, chiefs, and island life.

This true story follows their life on the island and the troubles which build up, culminating with Roger’s kidnap, ensuing court cases and deaths. It is a humorous and dramatic tale which gives an insight into the realities of the Pacific dream.

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The Congress of Rough Writers  Anthology Volume 1


I have numerous flashes and one essay in this.

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Nursing Heros Project

Sister Ellen Savage

Writing Death

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Floating Lands, Noosa 2015 (A collaborative Poem)

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Writing the Body

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Idiom 23, 2016, Vol 25 p 65-67

A Tale of Two Teeth 

Idiom 23, Vol 25 2016 p 62-64

At Land’s Edge — Three Collaborative Poems

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Time Travel – A personal Essay

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A triptych of the old man  

Idiom 23, Vol 24 2014, p 72-73.

Portrait of our new neighbor 

Idiom 23, Vol 24 2014,p 142-146

When You Don’t Fit In

Idiom 23, Vol 23, 2013, p36 – 38

A Cold Trip

Idiom 23, Vol 23, 2013, p 112 – 113

Eavesdropping – an anthology by the River Writers

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Exegetical essentials: a framing structure and template for a comprhensive exegesis in the creative arts 

Donna Lee Brien, Alison Owens, Gail Pittaway and Irene Waters

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