An egocentric Post: Starting with the letter I: Cee’s Fun foto Challenge

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Simon and Garfunkel’s song comes to mind

I am a Rock ( in this case an igneous rock in Iceland found where the mid- Atlantic ridge comes above ground and its widening is measurable).

Uma Rock

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I am an island

But in reality I am none of these things Iam I.A.M. or at least I was before I became I.A.W. The initials I am had so much more power than I aw. Now I sound a bit like a donkey. So what I was when I was I am.


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The infant I AM.

Version 3

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The International traveller I AM

IMG_0002 (7)

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The immature I AM

03-04-2013_1 (1)

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The intelligent I AM

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The idiot I AM

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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Kangaroo Golf: Wordless Wednesday


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Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #4

It is my honour to present the fourth contest in the October month of Rodeo contests. This competition is free to enter and carries a cash prize of $25. Winning submissions will automatically be forwarded to the Overall Rodeo Winner which carries a cash prize of $50. Naturally you can’t have a competition without rules and as each competition convenor has devised their own rules I suggest that you read those for this competition prior to submitting your piece. The rules follow the competition topic.

The Topic

As a memoir writer and reader I am very aware that it is the situations in life that have a massive impact on the memoirist, those events which leave scars, whether physical or emotional, that are the chosen part of the life to be relayed. As a flash fiction writer delving into fiction, a genre with which I have not previously attempted, I became aware that we draw from real life to write fiction as well as memoir. The more observant we are as writers the greater our ability to convince our readers of the authenticity of our story. The more we remember from our own life informs our writing. In his book, Misery, Stephen King wrote “Writers remember everything…especially the hurts. Strip a writer to the buff, point to the scars, and he’ll tell you the story of each small one. From the big ones you get novels. A little talent is a nice thing to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is the ability to remember the story of every scar.”
In a double length, or 2 chapter, Carrot Ranch flash, (198 words), tell a story that shows a scar. It can be memoir, other forms of creative non-fiction,  any genre of fiction or a BOTS (based on a true story).

To read the rules for this competition and find the submission form go to

Source: Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #4

My judges Angie Oakley and Ellen Stromqvist are looking forward to reading the entries. Join in the fun of the rodeo and get writing.

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Life of a Mushroom: Tuesday’s of Texture


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Weekend Coffee Share 15th October 2017


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Hi. You came at the right time. We have just got back from New Beith.  Before we sit what can I get you. Coffee or any type of tea you like. It is such a cold day perhaps you would like a hot chocolate.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that New Beith is just over 2hours from where we live and probably a suburb of Brisbane. Although we desperately wanted rain as neither of us enjoy driving in it, today was the day it pelted down but we would have liked one of our lovely blue days. We’d gone to buy a second hand pool pump and salt water chlorinator as ours is desperately trying to pack it in. It now blows fuses on a regular basis and that is annoying for me working on my computer. It does mean I have become quite good at backing up my work every couple of seconds.


© irene waters 2017

If we were having coffee I’d tell you Roger is now happily trying to clean the equipment he bought and get it in working order. It keeps him happy whereas I would probably just go and buy a new one. Luckily for me (and him) he does seem to have a good knack with repairs and rarely has he given up on anything.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that my week has been spent writing, editing, blogging, eating out with friends and Mum, yoga, dancing and a tiny bit of housework and lots of gardening. Probably more taking photos of the garden. The flowers are really starting to bloom. Roger keeps buying plants for me to put in the garden but most need full sun and those spaces are fairly full. He doesn’t understand that you have to leave some room for the plants to grow.


© irene waters 2017

This flower, which, thanks to another blogger, I now know is an amaryllis, is giving me a lot of joy. You can see the next flower spike is about to open and there are two more to come after that. I think it will give a few weeks of pleasure.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you thatI am reading a book called Dare to Dream by Katherine Sinclair. This is one that has been on my shelves for a long time unread and it is time to read it. It is a different style of book to those I have been reading. I will review it when I have finished it.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that there was a bizzare tragic crocodile attack north of  Cairns a couple of days ago which I can’t get out of my head. The victim was an elderly woman who suffered from dementia. 9 days ago she had moved from Canberra to Port Douglas into a nursing home. She had absconded on one occasion before the last time. She was a known dementia sufferer. Why on earth did the home not keep her securely? Why did the family (also living in Canberra) let her move (she may have had relatives in Port Douglas so it might not have been so strange) but if she was suffering dementia when she left where she was accustomed too there should have been warning bells that she would become very disorientated. It makes me feel really sad and I’m sorry that perhaps I’ve made you feel sad also but I just can’t fathom it.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ll have to go. Muffin is demanding her walk so I’ll have to brave the rain again and take her, but quickly…. Don’t forget the writing competition at Carrot Ranch. Number 3 is now up and mine starts on Tuesday.


© irene waters 2017

It’s your turn. How was your week? Has your weather been warmer/colder, wetter/drier. Have you read any good books or seen any good films?  I finished reading Relativity and will review it sometime this week. Thank you for dropping in for coffee, it is lovely to see you.


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School Holidays are Over: Silent Sunday


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Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #3

The third in the Carrot Ranch competitions. What a diverse set of subjects we are being tempted with. Mine is next on Tuesday. Competition 2 is open until Sunday. Competition 1 has closed to entries. Get your pen to the ready. This one is going to be a wonderful challenge.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Septolet in Motion

By JulesPaige

Words are cast like magic spells. Some may debate the text in which such lessons exist. Religious works could be a type of Grimoire since often as children we are taught rote prayers that will lead us away from temptation. Other schools of thought may define Grimoire as a book devoted to just the teaching and instruction of magic and those amulets and talisman that would be endowed with gifting the owners with better fortunes. I quote this next line from the Wikipedia entry on the subject, “In many cases, the books themselves are believed to be imbued with magical powers, though in many cultures, other sacred texts that are not Grimoires (such as the Bible) have been believed to have supernatural properties intrinsically.

I would beg to argue that any book that transfers us to another world or jolts our imagination could be a Grimoire…

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