Ese’s Weekly Shoot and Quote Challenge: Celebrate

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“. . . at this season, the blossom is out in full now, there in the west early. It’s a plum tree, it looks like apple blossom but it’s white, and looking at it, instead of saying “Oh that’s nice blossom” … last week looking at it through the window when I’m writing, I see it is the whitest, frothiest, blossomest blossom that there ever could be, and I can see it. Things are both more trivial than they ever were, and more important than they ever were, and the difference between the trivial and the important doesn’t seem to matter. But the nowness of everything is absolutely wondrous, and if people could see that, you know. There’s no way of telling you; you have to experience it, but the glory of it, if you like, the comfort of it, the reassurance … not that I’m interested in reassuring people – bugger that. The fact is, if you see the present tense, boy do you see it! And boy can you celebrate it.”
― Dennis Potter, Seeing the Blossom: Two Interviews and a Lecture

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Silent Sunday: Spring in the South Island

© irene waters 2014

© irene waters 2014

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Alphabetical Emotions: Queasy

QQueasy in itself is not an emotion but it is how I feel when I haven’t done anything wrong (or perhaps I have) and I am summonsed to appear before an authoritarian type of figure. This in my younger days included my parents, school headmistress and nursing matrons.

An incident I remember when I was maybe seven was my first memory of feeling queasy. My memory is that I was very angry with my brother whilst we were playing in the garage. In anger I lifted the axe and almost severed his toe. His screams sent my parents running. Whilst they dealt with the bloody emergency I was relegated to a small courtyard and not allowed inside the house. I felt very queasy wondering what punishment was going to be meted out. My brother tells me that it wasn’t as bad as I imagined and that his screams, which he purposefully made blood curdling, cemented the idea that I had almost become an axe murderer.

The queasy feeling comes from fear. Fear of an unknown punishment. Why I should have such fear I don’t  know as I can’t remember ever having received an unjust disciplining. It is all in my head (and also in the pit of my stomach).

I am giving a talk on Monday night to a group of strangers. I have a feeling I will have the queasy feeling then as well. Again it is a response to fear. Why public speaking brings this out in a lot of people I don’t know and, I don’t know if the response in those other people is also queasiness. Does it really matter if I botch my lines? Of course it doesn’t and I know it isn’t going to be that bad. I’ve given this talk before and the audience has been fine.

Sheer terror does not bring out this queasy feeling. The feeling then is quite different. This is purely a response to an anticipated outcome not an actual event. Is it my way of preparing for the worst and receiving better than expected. A pessimistic optimist perhaps or maybe one who suffers from poinephobia.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top or almost

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For birds tis is easy

Seals so high above the sea

We fly in; challenge



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Skywatch Friday: Noosa 18th April 2014 5.45pm

© irene waters 2014

© irene waters 2014

The end of a perfect day.

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Alphabetical Emotions: Pleasure

Another positive emotion is pleasure which could be defined as being happily satisfied or having happy enjoyment. The things that give me the most pleasure are the unexpected events – flowers from my husband for no particular reason,

© irene waters 2014

© irene waters 2014

a beautiful sunset,

© irene waters 2014

© irene waters 2014

a beautiful view,

© irene waters 2014

© irene waters 2014

even a nice meal will give me pleasure. Dancing gives me immense pleasure as does going to the theatre, listening to music I enjoy and meandering around art galleries (most of the time).

Pleasure is probably the opposite emotion to pain. Epicurus, a Greek philosopher, defined it as the absence of suffering. Unless you are a masochist you’d have to agree with his definition.

Pleasure can be artificially created with electrical stimulation to the brain and of course drugs both illicit and prescribed can give a sense of pleasure. The one that I have never been able to achieve is pleasure by extreme exercise. With activities such as running endorphins are released  making the runner addicted to the activity and giving them extreme pleasure. I wonder about this though as there are many dedicated athletes running along the river and I have to say I don’t see too many of them smiling. Most look as though they are in agony.

I hope you all have a Happy pleasurable Easter.





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Floral Friday: A German town garden

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You hear about English country gardens. In fact songs are written about them. German town gardens are just as delightful even though in a much smaller space.

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