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Analog:Weekly Discover Challenge

Devoid of ideas I resorted to asking my husband for something I still do in an old fashioned, analog way. I don’t wash the clothes as depicted above although I do remember a time in the past where they were. … Continue reading

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Think before You Act

This is a rant I have to get out of my system. Yesterday ,for possibly the first time in my life, I spoke before considering the consequences. It was the final straw in a situation that I had watched occurring … Continue reading

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Alphabetical Emotions: Rage

When I grew up rage was violent, uncontrollable anger such as I described in my first emotion anger    https://irenewaters19.com/?s=Anger Nowadays the Australian youth have a lot of rage on board. They go to rage parties where excessive drinking, drug taking … Continue reading

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The Axe Attack

My brother and I had been fighting for days, over what exactly I can’t remember, but it would be over something that I wanted that he wouldn’t let me have. I screamed at him whilst he taunted me. We had moved … Continue reading

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