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Changes in Treatment: Times Past

Last month’s Times Past looked at clubs and having only received responses from Baby Boomers all I can conclude is that no matter where you lived clubs were not associations we joined in our youth on a large scale. Red Cross … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past 03: The Gradation House at Bad Dürkheim

I’m sure we’ve all heard tales of the salt mines in Russia. Part of my husband’s youth was sliding on a hessian sack into the salt mines in Austria. The Gradation houses were a way of getting salt that I … Continue reading

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Characters that haunt you

My character is a male human called Stephen DeCovelly He is 52 years old He is a 6 foot, around 11  stone caucasian with brown wavy hair, brown eyes and incredibly handsome. His features are so defined; almost chiselled. His … Continue reading

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Ballroom Dancing

One of my favourite activities, ballroom dancing, is so enjoyable that the dancer is unaware of the health benefits they are gaining from the activity.There are numerous reasons why I and other dancers keep coming back for more. Firstly,the exhilaration … Continue reading

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The eeriness of the Champagne pools is due to the steam vapour which sits over the area because of its high temperature of 74 degrees centigrade. The bubbles are due to CO2  which gives its name to the 700 year … Continue reading

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A Rant – On Alcohol

In Australia excessive alcohol consumption is a huge burden on society, not only as a direct result of death and disease but also due to the effects that it has on the families, and local communities such as criminal activity, vandalism, aggression … Continue reading

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