Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned (Ships and Boats)

© irene waters 2014

© irene waters 2014

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The S.S. Maheno, a Scottish built luxury passenger ship which served in WWI as a hospital ship was decommissioned in 1935. Whilst being towed to Osaka, Japan on 25th June 1935 a cyclone separated the tow line and she drifted, abandoned until she beached on the 9th July 1935 on the Fraser Island coast. She was used for bombing practice in WWII and her rusted remains are buried under the sand (approx 3.5 storeys are under the sand.) See post https://irenewaters19.com/2014/02/20/looking-up-looking-down-fraser-island-week-27/

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Boats become abandoned I imagine because they are no longer seaworthy, have become too much trouble to look after or their skipper has put them into a place that is just not worth the bother and expense of salvaging them. This is the case in the above abandoned boat in Bowen Qld above and on the Noosa river below.

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One recent famous case of the abandon ship being called was when the Pasha Bulker, a coal carrier, whilst waiting in open seas for permission to enter Newcastle Harbour for loading, ran aground on Nobby’s Beach (the main surfing beach in Newcastle) in a severe storm on the 8th June 2007.

Instructions were given to her, along with 56 other waiting ships, to put out to sea to escape the approaching storm. The Pasha Bulker disregarded the advice and beached at 9.51 am in horrendous weather. The Westpac rescue helicopter, at great risk, winched the 22 crew members to safety, abandoning ship.

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Fears were held that it would break up causing a huge pollution problem and the nation watched as the salvage operation took place. The first two attempts failed but on the third attempt on the 2nd July at high tide successful reflotation occurred to the great relief of all. It was eventually towed back to Japan on the 26th July 2007.


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  1. M. R. says:

    And all this is confirmation (if ever we needed it) that big business rules. If shipowners were forced by international maritime law to have NO single-skin ships, the environment would be better off than we can imagine. Thank you. [M.R. steps off soapbox …]


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