Weekly Writing Challenge : Lunch posts Day 5

Time 1205  Cafe Doonan on the Noosa Eumundi Road.

First time we’ve been here and already Roger is talking about making it our place if the food is as good as it looks. Romantic. Where to sit. Is it going to rain? The umbrellas seem to be giving fairly good shelter or should we just go on the verandah. No, Zach will be happier in the garden and I will probably be more relaxed as well. The garden is nice. There is a palm tree that almost looks like a bottle tree except it is definitely a palm. I like the way they have a variety of different seating in the garden. Some tables with tablecloths and chairs, others low to the ground with milk crates, some with park benches and others with table and bench joined together. Something for everyone. It doesn’t suit me any more getting down on the ground. My knees don’t bend that well anymore. They have done a nice job with the garden. Tropical plantings with the odd thing of interest – like the black rhino head on the forest green board which is lying against another board. Bright purple. Green and purple. I wouldn’t have thought it would work but it has. What I really like is the bowl on the plinth with a green fern poking its way out. It must be planted low in the bowl. I wonder if it is in water. I’ll have to check when Roger finishes ordering and comes out. I should get a longer lead for Zach out of the car and then I can tie him to the palm tree and go and look at it.

Here he comes. He can get the lead.


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About Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

I began my working career as a reluctant potato peeler whilst waiting to commence my training as a student nurse. On completion I worked mainly in intensive care/coronary care; finishing my hospital career as clinical nurse educator in intensive care. A life changing period as a resort owner/manager on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu was followed by recovery time as a farmer at Bucca Wauka. Having discovered I was no farmer and vowing never again to own an animal bigger than myself I took on the Barrington General Store. Here we also ran a five star restaurant. Working the shop of a day 7am - 6pm followed by the restaurant until late was surprisingly more stressful than Tanna. On the sale we decided to retire and renovate our house with the help of a builder friend. Now believing we knew everything about building we set to constructing our own house. Just finished a coal mine decided to set up in our backyard. Definitely time to retire we moved to Queensland. I had been writing a manuscript for some time. In the desire to complete this I enrolled in a post grad certificate in creative Industries which I completed 2013. I followed this by doing a Master of Arts by research graduating in 2017. Now I live to write and write to live.
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