Weekend Coffee Share: 16th January 2016


It’s hard to believe a week has gone by already. With the amount of work I have done I would have hoped only a day or two had passed by, but 7. Come on in anyway. The kettle is boiled so coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

If we “were having coffee” I’d tell you that we have done a little sight seeing with BILL and Sils and drove to Perigian Beach for lunch yesterday, to the Farmer’s market at Yandina today and the Spit. The first two we did scenic drives on the way there and the way back and they were pleasant days. They have been enjoying our weather until today when it has turned cold, windy and showery. Still they are finding it much warmer than Germany and even walked down to the river at Gympie Terrace this afternoon. We chose to stay indoors, Roger with his head in a good book and me alternating between that bl….jigsaw puzzle and my work books.

If we “were having coffee” I’d tell you that jig saw puzzle is now driving us crazy. We didn’t start with the one I took a photo of – perhaps that will be next.There isn’t much more to do but it is all the difficult bits left. We are convinced that there are some pieces missing. Muffin is enjoying having extra people to lavish attention on her whilst Bundy is happy just being with Roger.


© irene waters 2016


© irene waters 2016

If we “were having coffee” I’d tell you all our activities are starting again and on Monday we were back at Pilates. We haven’t lost as much condition as we were expecting to have lost and came away feeling quite pleased with ourselves. Sils and I had a Bowen treatment each on Thursday and I am hoping next Monday will be even easier. I don’t think I will ever obtain the level of fitness in the following video but for those of you who are Mum’s I think this is a great idea. Perhaps even suitable for grandmas.

Blog wise the Times Past challenge is still open and we have some great entries to read. That is about it for this week as I really do have to do some work. I am going on a picnic tomorrow and dancing starts back and time is getting away.

I hope you have a good week and thanks for dropping in for coffee.

Oh, I nearly forgot and I am over the moon so I can’t believe I didn’t say – I have had a piece accepted for a literary magazine. So excited.

See you next week.

Thanks to Diana for hosting our coffee mornings. Have a good week.

About Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

I began my working career as a reluctant potato peeler whilst waiting to commence my training as a student nurse. On completion I worked mainly in intensive care/coronary care; finishing my hospital career as clinical nurse educator in intensive care. A life changing period as a resort owner/manager on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu was followed by recovery time as a farmer at Bucca Wauka. Having discovered I was no farmer and vowing never again to own an animal bigger than myself I took on the Barrington General Store. Here we also ran a five star restaurant. Working the shop of a day 7am - 6pm followed by the restaurant until late was surprisingly more stressful than Tanna. On the sale we decided to retire and renovate our house with the help of a builder friend. Now believing we knew everything about building we set to constructing our own house. Just finished a coal mine decided to set up in our backyard. Definitely time to retire we moved to Queensland. I had been writing a manuscript for some time. In the desire to complete this I enrolled in a post grad certificate in creative Industries which I completed 2013. I followed this by doing a Master of Arts by research graduating in 2017. Now I live to write and write to live.
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32 Responses to Weekend Coffee Share: 16th January 2016

  1. Miriam says:

    Congrats on getting your piece accepted, that’s awesome.

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  2. Sableyes says:

    Well done on the magazine acceptance! Always a fab feeling!

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  3. Of all of your wonderful news, having a piece accepted by a literary magazine is the most intriguing to me. Will we hear more about it? Perhaps you could include a part of it in your next blog, or at least a reference to the mag. Congratulations!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Glad you’re enjoying your visit though sorry the puzzle is driving me nuts. It would drive me nuts too! I won’t even comment on that video. 😝
    Congrats on your piece being accepted! 🎉 ❤️ That’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A drive with friendsis refreshing and it sounds like you had fun. I lke to do puzzles but it has bee.
    A I started one since one. The one you are doing is a hard one..

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  6. Lisa Reiter says:

    Congratulations on having a piece accepted. That’s really exciting! I love this weekly catch-up over coffee and I’m only on my second. Nice to have a few snippets from your life.
    As for the video – I love it and I’m thinking what a great example to be setting kids so young. I think we set the ‘sitting around having pizza’ before the juicer had to come out..
    Anyway, time for me to get past the coffee and go and dig my hens out. We’ve had several inches of snow and they haven’t made it down for breakfast! Lxx

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    • Glad I’m not a hen at your place. Yes that exercise piece is impressive as the kids are involved, it makes exercise look fun and look at all those kisses and parent/child interaction.
      Sometimes just the right thing happens along to give you that little boost you need. The magazine was mine this week – the monkey on the shoulder has been active.
      Enjoyed my coffee with you but go dig those hens out. I imagine you don’t get too many eggs in the snow. Cheers I xx

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  7. Lisa Reiter says:

    ooo – literary error I think – should that be ‘passed’?!

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  8. Nancy says:

    Congrats on your happy news and I hope you find the last few pieces to that puzzle! I love jigsaws as well but I don’t have much room to set them up so I’ve had to make due with the ones on my iPad app.

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  9. Diana says:

    Congrats on the publication!

    That puzzle is looking good, but I imagine it is quite difficult! 🙂

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  10. WooHoo! Congrats on your publication!!!

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  11. Charli Mills says:

    Congrats on the literary acceptance! I understand you were a also accepted into an upcoming anthology. ☺ Your writing is expanding! I’ll pass on the coffee, having had too much already with my need to seek internet outside my home office. It’s tough to reply on my phone because I have to keep correcting the stupid auto corrects. I’ll be reading and enjoying your photos. If I’m silent, it’s better than leaving you cryptic messages! I hope to have internet soon, but it’s not looking like soon enough. Enjoy that puzzle and family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand your problem Charli and don’t worry. I do the same. If I could type as easily on phone or ipad I’d have no trouble keeping up with everything but I can’t. Wow two acceptances – that certainly makes up for the rejection I got on Friday.
      Yes enjoying them all. Have a good time until we can speak again.


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