Moved by Music

When I first read this challenge I thought how on earth will I ever choose  a piece of music as I have so many melodies in my head that evoke wonderful memories of times past and present and others that get my toes tapping and my body straining to jive, rumba or quickstep. Or should I choose something classical where the music fills your very being with a climactic type explosion as it reaches its height, such as Beethoven’s 1812 Overture and then it came to me in a flash, however, that perhaps the piece of music which is highly emotive for me is Chris Isaaks’ There She Goes.

This is the piece of music that I have chosen for my funeral.

I first heard it when the album Forever Blue was released in the early 1990s. It was not the most popular song on the album but to me it was a well executed piece of musicianship with lyrics that struck a resonance within me. It travelled with me and gathered memories of happy times along the way. Times of road trips up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia, a couple of camping trips to Switzerland and France and many, many  long, drawn-out meals where we would solve the problems of the world over a good bottle of red. On my mornings alone, when my husband had gone to golf, I would put it in the player, turn the volume up and sing along as I did the housework.

I have always had a morbid fascination with death. I guess it comes from being exposed at an early age to death. As a child I sometimes had to attend funerals as my mother played the organ and my father conducted the service. I was fascinated by coffins and people sleeping in them but I didn’t really understand the concept of death. This understanding came during my nursing training and I became a bit obsessive about it. I had decided that the perfect ending for me would be to float in a formalin filled fish tank in the lounge room.  Not surprisingly this idea was not taken up with any enthusiasm and so I tossed up between burial and cremation.

Chris Isaacs’ song gave me the answer for the first time. I would be cremated and as the coffin starts to slide out of view the song would start.

There she goes there she goes.

All dressed up and walking you found somebody new.
I don’t want nobody I was happy with you.
There she goes.

I never said I love you but you know that I do.
I can’t believe it’s over I keep thinking of you.

I see her everywhere everywhere I go.
I see her everywhere everywhere I go.
There she goes there she goes.

There she goes.

Don’t know why she left me, don’t know what I’ll do.
I don’t want no council, I was happy with you.

I see her everywhere, everywhere I go.
I see her everywhere, everywhere I go.
There she goes, there she goes.

I want to cry, over you.

There she goes, there she goes.
There she goes, there she goes.
There she goes, there she goes, there she goes.

About Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

I began my working career as a reluctant potato peeler whilst waiting to commence my training as a student nurse. On completion I worked mainly in intensive care/coronary care; finishing my hospital career as clinical nurse educator in intensive care. A life changing period as a resort owner/manager on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu was followed by recovery time as a farmer at Bucca Wauka. Having discovered I was no farmer and vowing never again to own an animal bigger than myself I took on the Barrington General Store. Here we also ran a five star restaurant. Working the shop of a day 7am - 6pm followed by the restaurant until late was surprisingly more stressful than Tanna. On the sale we decided to retire and renovate our house with the help of a builder friend. Now believing we knew everything about building we set to constructing our own house. Just finished a coal mine decided to set up in our backyard. Definitely time to retire we moved to Queensland. I had been writing a manuscript for some time. In the desire to complete this I enrolled in a post grad certificate in creative Industries which I completed 2013. I followed this by doing a Master of Arts by research graduating in 2017. Now I live to write and write to live.
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11 Responses to Moved by Music

  1. xbox2121 says:

    I think you do have a morbid fascination with death Irene, but I van think of much worse tings in life 🙂 The lyrics to this song would fit in very well with a cremation.


  2. Jaye's Brain says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I do not think fascination with death is morbid-in and of itself. Music certainly provides the cues that remind of us love and loss.


  3. Thank you. To me it is not morbid (just realistic) but I know some people find it a bit confronting.


  4. Kevin says:

    I also posted the music challenge and I’m visiting other bloggers to see how they interpreted the assignment. First — great song! Second, I had to smile. I thought I was the only person who wanted to create a playlist for my funeral. Glad to see I’m in good company. 🙂


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