The Congress of Rough Writers  Anthology Volume 1


I have numerous flashes and one essay in this.

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winner of silver literary Titan Book Award

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Nursing Heros Project

Sister Ellen Savage

Writing Death

Floating Lands, Noosa 2015 (A collaborative Poem)

Writing the Body


Idiom 23, 2016, Vol 25 p 65-67

A Tale of Two Teeth 

Idiom 23, Vol 25 2016 p 62-64

At Land’s Edge — Three Collaborative Poems

Time Travel – A personal Essay

A triptych of the old man  

Idiom 23, Vol 24 2014, p 72-73.

Portrait of our new neighbor 

Idiom 23, Vol 24 2014,p 142-146

When You Don’t Fit In

Idiom 23, Vol 23, 2013, p36 – 38

A Cold Trip

Idiom 23, Vol 23, 2013, p 112 – 113

Eavesdropping – an anthology by the River Writers

available Amazon

Exegetical essentials: a framing structure and template for a comprhensive exegesis in the creative arts 

Donna Lee Brien, Alison Owens, Gail Pittaway and Irene Waters